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‘You’re My Hero’: Young Eagles Fan Meets Carson Wentz At Training Camp

‘You’re My Hero’: Young Eagles Fan Meets Carson Wentz At Training Camp

July 27, 2019

An incredibly touching moment was captured on film at the Philadelphia Eagles training camp between quarterback Carson Wentz and a young fan with special needs.

Photo credit: Tim Tai

Giovanni Hamilton has a very rare condition, Schwartz-Jampel Syndrome, and the type he has is the first case ever documented. He’s had 12 surgeries but has kept a positive outlook on life.

Friday at Eagles camp, the 11-year-old met his hero.

When Wentz went over to sign autographs after practice, Giovanni was moved to tears.

Giovanni’s mother was also crying.

“It was what got us through, just the possibility of today,” said mom Shannon Algarin. “When the moment actually happened, it was like, ‘Wow. This is worth everything we’ve gone through this year’.”

Algarin said her son had a whole speech planned. Giovanni wanted to tell Carson β€” who has come back from many injuries of his own β€” that he was going to be like that, too.

But when the moment came, all Giovanni could say through his tears was: “You’re my hero.”

Watch the video below.

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