World’s Oldest Barber, Still Cutting Hair At 107, Shares Secrets For Longevity

Anthony Mancinelli may be a staggering 107 years old, but he is still working full-time as a barber – the same way that he has been doing it for the last 96 years.

Mancinelli dropped out of high school to become a full-time barber at the tender age of 11. When he turned 96, Guinness World Records named him the world’s oldest barber. Over a decade later, he is still going strong.

His secrets to longevity are simple. He has never drank or smoked very heavily. He says that he has never exercised much. He does, however, outlast many of his younger friends by standing on his feet for eight hours a day, five days per week.

He still has a full head of (white) hair along with all of his teeth; his hands are still steady on a pair of clippers; and he takes no daily medication. He also says that he only eats thin spaghetti so he doesn’t “get fat.”

“I only go to the doctor because people tell me to, but even he can’t understand it,” Mancinelli told The New York Times. “I tell him I have no aches, no pains, no nothing. Nothing hurts me.”

Mancinelli’s customers and co-workers have constantly expressed their adoration for the centenarian, along with the tourists and celebrities who flock to the Fantastic Cuts salon in New Windsor, New York from all over the world to get a haircut from the world’s oldest barber.

His 81-year-old son Bob told the Times: “Some of his older customers, he helps them in the chair. He’ll say to an 80-year-old guy, ‘Listen, when you get to be my age. …’ They love hearing that.”

Mancinelli says that he doesn’t plan on retiring any time soon, either – so he will continue to serve as an example of living strong in the golden years.

(WATCH the interview below) – Photo by Inside Edition

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