US Embassy Apologizes for Accidental Mass-Mailing of Invitation for ‘Cat Pajama-Jam Party’


Everybody makes mistakes – even international ambassadors, judging by the contents of an amusing email that was sent out by the US Embassy in Australia last week.

Social media users have been marveling over an email that was sent out by the embassy containing an image of a cat dressed in a Cookie Monster costume holding a plate of pastries. The subject line of the email simply read: “Meeting,” while the image was coupled with an RSVP tab an a caption saying “cat pajama-jam party.”

It has not been disclosed how many email addresses were included as recipients, but one thing is for sure – once the internet heard about the rumored party, social media users immediately demanded that the embassy host the promised feline festival.

Even the cat depicted in the emailed photo – an internet-famous feline named Joey – expressed his desire for a pajama party.

Unfortunately, the email was nothing more than a mishap. The embassy’s public affairs counsellor, Gavin Sundwall, recently issued a good-natured apology for the mistake and said that someone had accidentally sent the email after testing out a new kind of email broadcasting platform.

“Sorry to disappoint those of you who were hoping to attend this ‘cat pajama-jam’ party, but such an event falls well outside our area of expertise,” he wrote in an emailed statement two days after the initial invite.

“It was a training error made by one of our new staff testing out our email newsletter platform.”

According to Sundwall, the embassy will be “strong new management controls” as a means of avoiding such mistakes in the future.

Though the email was identified as a mistake, that hasn’t stopped social media users from having a bit of fun with the mixup.

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