police officers replace stolen christmas decorations

Two Police Officers Replace Family’s Stolen Christmas Decorations

Two Police Officers Replace Family’s Stolen Christmas Decorations

A week after a Maryland family had their Christmas decorations stolen from their front yard, Prince George’s County police came to their aid to help restore their Christmas spirit.

David and Vanessa Surles were out shopping for new decorations when two officers arrived at their home and let them know they didn’t need to buy any decorations.

“Well, put those decorations down. You don’t need any. We got plenty here,” the officer can be heard saying on their security camera.

David and Vanessa returned home to find several blowup Christmas decorations.

“Our neighbors were calling on the phone trying to warn us that people were in our yard after the other night,” David told FOX 5. “It just so happened that these guys weren’t taking anything. They were bringing a blessing. Not only for us, but for our neighborhood, for our grandkids and we had so many passersby … just slow down to look at the new decorations, and they said they were with us.”


The officers who bought and set up the new decorations wish to remain anonymous.

“They did this out of the goodness of their hearts, so we will respect their wishes to remain anonymous. We won’t tell the world who they are, but we will tell the world how proud we are of them and of their huge hearts!” Prince George’s County police spokesperson Jennifer Donelan said in a statement.

“God bless all of you all,” David said to the officers in the video he took of the new decorations. “You touched us and our family tremendously. So I love you. I love you. God bless all of you and Merry Christmas.”

Watch the video below.

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