pizza shop helps people find missing pets

This Pizza Shop Places Missing Pet Flyers Inside Delivery Boxes

This Pizza Shop Places Missing Pet Flyers Inside Delivery Boxes

July 26, 2019

A family-owned pizzeria in Matawan, New Jersey, is helping people find their missing pets by offering to place flyers in their pizza boxes free of charge.

Credit: Angelo’s Pizza

John Sanfratello, the owner of Angelo’s Pizza, came up with the idea earlier this month after he saw a Facebook post about a cat that ran away from its owner during a storm.

Since his cat had also recently gone missing — but was thankfully returned — John decided that he really wanted to help out. So he came up with the idea to tape flyers on pizza boxes heading out for delivery.


John put the offer on their shop’s Facebook page where it has been well received and shared by thousands of social media users.

“I’m going to drive all the way to Matawan to eat just because of this post and my husband owns a pizzeria,” said one commenter.

“I love this!” added another. “I don’t live anywhere near you but if I’m in the area I will only get pizza from you!”

John said that he’s had calls from as far away as Australia about the kind gesture.

In just over two weeks, Angelo’s Pizza has received numerous requests from local residents who have lost their beloved animals.

“This will be this generation’s milk carton,” John told Today. “We used to post missing persons and missing children on milk cartons — why can’t we put a flyer for missing pets on pizzas?”

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