A Man Used His Motorcycle to Rescue 166 Abandoned Cows

Now, this is a guy that really loves cows! This biker has made it a a big part of his life to rescue cows that were otherwise left abandoned on the streets. The best part is that he does all this by using his motorcycle!

These cows end up on the streets of Nepal after their farmers feel that the animals have outgrown their use – which is why R.B. Neupane has dedicated his life to providing a better life for the livestock.

Neupane has set up a makeshift sanctuary, but cannot afford a truck for transportation. He simply recruits volunteers to rescue the cows and take them to safety on his motorcycle.

The biker now cares for 166 cattle – all of whom he saved from the streets. He has orchestrated dozens of campaigns that encourage the people of Nepal to care more about their bovine companions. As a result, city residents have been stopping by Neupane’s sanctuary in Kathmandu with food, vegetables and treats.

Since the cow is the national animal of Nepal, Neupane hopes that the government will soon implement legislation that will care for the cows more efficiently.

Until then, Neupane is determined to continue rescuing cattle from the streets.

(WATCH the video interview below) – Photo by BBC Reel

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