teens push car 5 miles

Teens Push Woman’s Car 5 Miles Back Home

Teens Push Woman’s Car 5 Miles Back Home

July 23, 2019

Three Canadian teenagers helped out a stranded woman by pushing her car five miles home.

Credit: Dan Morrison

Aeron McQuillin, 18, Bailey Campbell, 17, and Billy Tarbett, 15, were out getting doughnuts in Fonthill, Ontario, when they came across a woman stranded in the middle of an intersection with smoke coming out of her car.

She explained that she did not enough money for a tow truck, so the three teens decided to push the car five miles (9 km) back to her house.

“Last night I am driving home from work when I see someone stranded in the middle of an intersection with their car smoking,” Dan Morrison wrote on Facebook.


“I have been there, and it really sucks. So I slow down, ask if they are alright. This poor lady got this car 6 weeks ago, and it now looks like needs a new engine. So a group of 3 teenagers now stop. Look over the car and help push it into a nearby lot. The owner of the car does not know what to do. She cannot afford a tow, and can’t leave the car there. I then hear ‘you boys ready for a push?’

They couldn’t leave this lady stranded, so these young men pushed a strangers car……….9km.

Please share the crap out of this so these young men can get the props they deserve.

Well done Billy, Bailey, and Aeron.”

teens push car 5 miles
Billy, Bailey, and Aeron

The 5-mile push took just under two hours to complete, and the teens arrived back home at around 4:30am.

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