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Stranger Helps Man Tie His Tie, Then Shows Up To His Father’s Funeral

Stranger Helps Man Tie His Tie, Then Shows Up To His Father’s Funeral

September 28, 2019

An Ohio couple shopping for clothes for a funeral met an “Angel on Earth” and shared the touching story on Facebook.

Kevin and Howell / Credit: Sherri Butcher

Kevin Butcher went with his wife, Sherri, to pick out clothing for his father’s funeral. When they both realized neither of them knew how to tie a tie, Howell Hackler came to the rescue.

Sherri wrote on Facebook:

“Today as Kevin and I were shopping for something to wear to his dad’s funeral we both realized neither of us knew how to tie a tie. Kevin noticed an older gentleman nearby and decided to ask if he could help. We both thought he might think we were crazy..but we were both so wrong.

This sweet man did not hesitate when Kevin explained why he needed help and proceeded to put the tie around his neck. He joked with him about might taking all day to get it right…but he was determined.


After a few tries of getting the right length..he gently pulled it back over Kevin’s head and thanked HIM for letting him do this!! He reached to shake hands with him and then pulled Kevin in close to hug him and tell him how sorry he was to hear about losing his Dad.

He looked at me and said “take good care of him” and he walked away.

Kevin and I both walked away quietly as we were both having a hard time fighting back the tears.”

But the story does not end there.

Mr. Hackler showed up to the funeral.

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Credit: Sherri Butcher

“There are just no words to explain how Kevin and I felt this morning,” Sherri wrote in a separate post.

“Walking in to the funeral home to see Mr. Hackler waiting for us to say a prayer for the family. This man is an absolute ANGEL on Earth!”

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