Police Praise Cat for Cleaning Up Streets By Bringing Home Bag of Drugs

Typical house cats might surprise their humans with dead birds or mice – but this feline’s owner was shocked when he found what his cat dragged into his home earlier this week.

A British resident of Bristol woke up on Monday morning to find that his furry companion had discovered a plastic bag full of Class A substances during the night.

The cat apparently did its civic duty by bringing the bag back to the house and stashing it in its bed for the owner to find the following day.

Though he was stunned by the discovery, the owner immediately called the Ashley Police Team.

The officers later posted a photo of the bag to Twitter with praise for the feline crime fighter.

“Look what the cat dragged in,” authorities tweeted alongside the photo. “Great result in St Paul’s when a resident’s cat brought this in during the night! The owner got a bit of a shock but called us straight away!”

The Avon and Somerset Police Department jokingly remarked on the photo, saying: “Forget police dogs, we should start training up cats.”

Law enforcement officials are still unsure as to where the bag had come from, but they’re simply happy that the cat and owner are safe. On top of that, they’re glad that the drugs were not allowed to be used for more cat-astrophic purposes on the streets.

Be Sure And Share The Pawesome Story With Your FriendsPhoto of drugs: ASPolice Ashley; cat: public domain, Foter.com

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