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Pizza Shop Gets $2,000 From Anonymous Customer, Owner Uses It To Pay Staff Bills

Pizza Shop Gets $2,000 From Anonymous Customer, Owner Uses It To Pay Staff Bills

March 27, 2020

A woman in Prescott, Arizona, dropped off an envelope filled with cash to a local pizza shop owner, who is now paying it forward to staff as local restaurants get hit by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Credit: Rosa’s Pizzeria

Skylar Reeves, who owns Rosa’s Pizzeria, was loading orders for delivery and curbside pickup Tuesday when the woman approached him, handed him the envelope, and then left.

Reeves opened the envelope to find $2,000 in cash and an unsigned note.

The note read: “Hi there, As a neighbor and lover of Rosa’s, please accept the enclosed and use it as you see fit for your staff.”

Reeves said he was overcome with emotion, as he already has been forced to consolidate his three restaurants, pause his catering company and stop construction on his newest restaurant set to open next month. He also laid off nearly half of his 100-person staff, many of whom are friends, due to the virus.

“The hairs on my arm literally stood up,” Reeves told Fox News.

With the money from the anonymous Good Samaritan, Reeves is asking his employees to bring him the bill that┬ástresses them the most. His spokeswoman says he’ll┬ápay those bills with the envelope cash and his own money.

“It was just such a Prescott thing to do,” he said. “I’ll remember this moment forever.”

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