woman crochets 45 blankets for sick children

New Jersey Woman Crochets Blankets For Sick Kids

New Jersey Woman Crochets Blankets For Sick Kids

December 10, 2019

Nancy Banta of Rumson, New Jersey, crocheted 45 blankets and donated them all to sick children in the hospital.

Credit: Nancy Banta / Flickr

Banta’s daughter proudly shared a photo of her mother sitting next to all the handmade blankets.

“My mom has been donating crocheted blankets to sick children over the past 20+ years,” her daughter said. “In total she has made 49 afghans this year, 45 of which she just donated to Jersey Shore Medical Hospital’s Pediatric and Pediatric ICU wards.”

This is Banta’s 5th year donating to the hospital.

“She has probably donated over 1,000 blankets to those in need at this point in her lifetime and she’s not stopping anytime soon!” her daughter added.

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