Dog Waits Patiently to Eat So His Owner Can Snap a Photo

This dog has just set a new bar for what it means to be a good boy.

A Golden Retriever named Dash is winning hearts across the internet after he was spotted patiently waiting to chow down on the hot dog he was carrying in his mouth.

Why was he resisting the urge to eat the tasty treat? Because his owner wanted to take a picture of his pup with the snack.

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A video of Dash posing for his owner was uploaded by a bystander to the “Dogspotting” Reddit page which allows users to post photos of cute doggies they see on the street.

After the video was up-voted over 66,000 times, Dash’s owner Ande finally came forward to identify himself and his obedient companion for the Reddit community.

“I live in Seattle and every summer our baseball team (go Mariners!) has a ‘Bark in the Park’ night where DOGS GET TO GO TO THE GAME WITH THEIR HUMANS,” Ande excitedly told Dogspotting. “THIS IS NOT A DRILL AND OFFICIALLY MY BEST SPOT YET.”

In addition to tipping-off his fellow dog lovers to the sporting event in Washington state, he also shared Dash the dog’s Instagram page filled with cute golden poses.

But no image can beat this latest depiction of the world’s largest ‘wiener dog’.

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