matthew boyd saves kids uganda

Detroit Tigers Pitcher Matthew Boyd Is Saving Children In Uganda From Sex Slavery

Detroit Tigers Pitcher Matthew Boyd Is Saving Children In Uganda From Sex Slavery

March 13, 2019

Detroit Tigers pitcher Matthew Boyd and his wife Ashley have essentially adopted 36 girls in Uganda to protect them from the sex slavery industry.

Credit: Kingdom Home

The Boyds have created their own nonprofit, Kingdom Home, which provides a safe place to live for children in or at risk of entering the sex trade.

Located in Uganda, the home provides the rescued children with necessities such as food and clothing, but also education and spiritual guidance.

“Our children are free to be children! They are encouraged to learn, grow, and serve,” their website states.


Over the next three years, the Boyds want to build four new homes, so they can bring in more girls because the need is so great.

“You know what? We can end child sex trafficking in Uganda. The bad guys aren’t smarter than us. We can end this. We can outsmart them. We can beat them to the kids. We can protect them,” Matt told the Detroit Free Press.

matthew boyd saves kids uganda
Credit: Kingdom Home

The home is run by Dorothy, a 29-year-old mother of three children, who helped rescue 25 girls who were being ferried to a city to work as commercial sex workers.

But after her husband died in 2017, Dorothy had no source of income to feed, clothe, pay school fees or pay for medical bills for the girls.

That’s when the Boyds stepped in.

Dorothy calls Matt and Ashley “God sent.”


“Matt and Ashley have brought a very big difference to me and the girls,” Dorothy said. “Initially we didn’t have a good home, but now we have a home, though rented, but it’s a good place. I could not afford buying clothes for the girls but through these wonderful couple, the girls have clothes and even sandals under their feet.

“We now have three meals every day because of Matt and Ashley. We have water running on our tap, we no longer walk the long journey we used to walk in search for water. The girls have good beds and beddings to sleep on. They have balls to play with, which were brought by Matt and Ashley. They go to school in uniform just like the other children. We just feel at home all courtesy of Matt and Ashley. There is a lot Matt and Ashley are planning to do for us and we just thank them so much and pray for them.”

The Boyds plan to return to Uganda to see the girls after the Tigers’ season ends in the fall.

“We love them all like our own family,” Ashley said.

If you would like to help their cause, visit

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