64-Year-old Love Letter Mysteriously Found at Walmart is Presented to Emotional Family Who Didn’t Know It Existed

A 64-year-old love letter with a proposal of marriage has been reunited with the family of the rightful owners thanks to a persistent Walmart employee.

Jennifer Hendrix, who works at the Walmart in Dalton, Georgia, was stunned to hear that one of her co-workers found the long-lost letter on the floor of the store.

The letter was postmarked for July 30th, 1954 from a military serviceman named Max Holcomb. In the note, which was sent to his sweetheart Martha Young, he writes about how excited he is to return home in 15 days and how he plans to ask Martha’s parents for her hand in marriage.

Though nobody knows how the letter ended up on the floor of a Walmart, Hendrix became determined to track down either the sender or the recipient of the letter.

In her research, Hendrix found that Max and Martha had unfortunately already passed away – but according to Max’s obituary, he is survived by his grandson Jason Holcomb.

Hendrix found Holcomb on Facebook and sent him a message detailing her discovery.

“The message I got back from him immediately was ‘can you call me?’ And he left his phone number, and I was very nervous, shaken,” Hendrix told WAGA.

Holcomb, who says his family did not even know about the letter’s existence, told reporters: “It just blew my mind, my hair stood up on my neck, and I thought surely not.”

But sure enough, the letter was legitimate, and Holcomb was emotional about reading the words of his late grandfather.

“They were defiantly selfless people, they were, they always thought about each other before they did anything,” Holcomb told the news outlet.

Additionally, Walmart employees were in awe to learn more about the continuing love story between Max and Martha.

“Max apparently had to bribe his future father-in-law with candy to meet Martha, and their first date was at an ice cream parlor,” a Walmart spokesperson said in an email. “Max did eventually come home from military service in August of 1954, and immediately got married to Martha!”

(WATCH the news coverage below) – Photos by Walmart

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